About Spectronics

Spectronics, Inc., was established in 1988 as an outgrowth of the research in vibro-acoustics at the University of Kentucky, USA. Spectronics is fundamentally a technology development and sales company. Our primary goal has always been to concentrate on only those areas that we are expert in.

Our business model includes three primary areas. The first is the development, manufacturing, and sales of robust, high-end impedance tubes for the measurement of sound absorption in the laboratory and in situ. This activity includes the newer ACUPAVE system for in situ testing; previously, it also included the highly successful ACUPRO system that is now sold and serviced by TFAcoustics, LLC (www.tfacoustics.com). Second, Spectronics has pioneered the use of numerical methods in vibro-acoustics, and this work continues today in the use of boundary element, finite element, and statistical energy analysis software for the solution of engineering problems. Third, Spectronics has developed a strong set of measurement skills for industrial, product, and environmental noise analysis