SIDLAB ™ Software Family for Muffler and Silencer Design

SIDLAB ™ Acoustics: predicts sound transmission loss and sound insertion loss in complex ducts and piping networks – air, steam, water, hydraulic, refrigeration – including the effects of flow and temperature.

SIDLAB ™ Flow: determines the flow distribution and pressure drop inside the network and feeds the results into the acoustic elements in SIDLAB ™ Acoustics.

SIDLAB ™ Optimization: optimizes an acoustic design to a target insertion loss spectrum.

SIDLAB ™ Measurement: calculates the passive properties of muffler elements from the measured data.

SIDLAB ™ Acquisition: software for the measurement the acoustic transmission loss of duct elements in the laboratory.

Examples showing the capability of SIDLAB ™:

Example: SIDLAB ™ simulation of a two input/single output muffler

Example: SIDLAB ™ simulation of a two chamber muffler

Example: SIDLAB ™ Simulation of a Small Engine Muffler

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For more information on SIDLAB ™: www.SIDLAB ™.se