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Noise and Vibration Modeling

SPECTRONICS offers the latest in computer modeling and simulation for the design of low noise and vibration products. Finite element and boundary element technologies are used to evaluate design alternatives. Experienced noise control engineers will design noise out of your product.

Our Services Include

  • Finite element modeling
  • Noise and vibration prediction
  • Laboratory correlation of models
  • Design for low-noise performance
  • CAD services

Modeling Software Used

  • VA One ™
  • Virtual.Lab ™
  • AutoCAD ™


Solid models are used to generate finite element (FE) models of components or entire systems. Natural frequencies can be identified from FE models. Forces or other excitations are used to predict the forced response of the system.

The forced response of the system or of a component may be used to predict the noise radiated from the product using boundary element (BE) models. Design alterations may include redesign of the offending component of components, the addition of damping, or modification of the forces that excite the system.